14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Father

14-year-old Warren Williams may not look like a killer, but he is being charged with shooting his father twice in the chest. He told a 911 operator he shot his father because he was bored. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Caller: "I shot my father!"

It's a chilling, just-released 911 call from an eighth grade boy, who cries while saying he shot his own father in cold blood.

Caller: "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

911 Operator: "What's your name darling?"
Caller: "My name is Warren. Please do not take me off to jail."
911 Operator: "Is he breathing?"
Caller: "No, he's dead. I shot him twice in the chest. I do not believe he's breathing."
911 Operator: "Why did you shoot him?"
Caller: "I don't know. I really don't know."

14-year-old Warren Williams appeared before a judge in Pensacola, Florida. He wore shackles and is being held without bail, charged with the first-degree murder of his father, 55-year-old William Williams.

His mother, Anne, sat behind her jailed son, mouthing "I love you," "I love you." She was at a PTA meeting when the shooting happened.

At first the teenager said the shooting was an accident, but listen to what he tells the 911 operator a heartbeat later.  

911 Operator: "Was it an accident?"
Caller: "Yes. Oh, my God."
911 Operator: "So you didn't mean to shoot him?"
Caller: "I did. I'm sick of my life and I wanted to shoot him. I wanted to leave and do something. Oh my, God!"

"For a child to kill off a parent just because he doesn't like his life and is bored shows he has no empathy for anybody but himself and he thinks that this is the best thing he can do, getting back essentially at his family and the world because he doesn't really care about any of them...[It's] a very psychopathic mentality. It's quite scary to see," says criminal profiler Pat Brown.

Police say Warren took a handgun from his father's bedroom while they were watching an episode of Survivor on TV. A police affidavit says Warren told them at first his dad thought he was pointing the gun at him "in jest" and said "Don't shoot me."

Then the teen "pulled the trigger."

Caller: "He's not moving at all. I shot him twice. What's going to happen to me?  Am I going be trialed?"
911 Operator: "I'm sorry?"
Caller: "Am I going to be trialed as an adult?"

The 14-year-old is being tried as an adult and faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

He pled not guilty.