Has Stress of DJ Hoax Made Morning Sickness Worse For Duchess Kate?

Duchess Kate continues to suffer from debilitating morning sickness in the wake of the radio DJ hoax  that was followed by a nurse's suicide. INSIDE EDITION speaks to a medical expert on Kate's condition.

Has Princess Kate's alarming pregnancy sickness been made worse by the cruel hoax that led to a nurse's suicide?

The princess was deeply traumatized by the tragedy and it certainly didn't help her delicate condition.

"Duchess of Cambridge unlikely to recover for several weeks after pregnancy sickness worsens," says the London Telegraph.

The fact that the whole world is watching could make things worse.

Jennifer Ashton, Senior Medical Contributor at ABC News and author of Your Body Beautiful told INSIDE EDITION, "So many pregnant women, they're already under a lot of stress, and that's physical stress and emotional stress. Now, you have a pregnant woman carrying the future monarch of England with literally the whole world watching her pregnancy and commenting on it."

Ashton says Kate's severe nausea caused by Hyperemesis Gravidarum could indicate she's carrying a daughter, or even twins.

"Statistically, hyperemisis is much more common in women who are having a girl than having a boy," said Ashton.

Kate spent three nights at a hospital in London last week being treated for that condition, which leads to dehydration and weight loss.

Insiders say Kate is extremely sensitive when it comes to pranks, having been the target of bullying herself when she was in school. The last thing she needs now is stress.

"Stress certainly makes it more difficult to deal with hyperemisis," said Ashton.

Prince William had to attend a charity event alone this weekend, reportedly telling a friend: "They shouldn't call it morning sickness as it's a day and all night sickness."

With luck, the worst will soon pass for Princess Kate.

Ashton said, "At the end of the day, and the beginning of the day, this is a pregnant woman who's concerned for the well being of her baby. I think it's as simple as that."