The 'Queen of Jeans' Changing The Denim Industry

Diane Gilman is quickly becoming the new face of denim when she set out to make jeans that would fit an older woman, and turned her mission into a multi-million dollar success story. INSIDE EDTION caught with the "Queen of Jeans."

She has become a star on the Home Shopping Network as the ‘Queen of Jeans’

67-year old Diane Gilman has sold an astounding five million pairs of jeans.

“When you're a baby boomer, the fashion industry doesn't care about you anymore,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

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It all started seven years ago, when Gilman struggled to find the perfect jeans for her figure, and found that the major designers catered only to the younger set.

“I went out and spent probably six months just trying to find one pair of jeans to fit me,” Gilman said.

So she had an idea—start a business designing jeans for curvier middle-aged women, which at first raised eyebrows.

“They all said, ‘Are you crazy? Make a jean for fat old chicks?’" she said.

So, Gilman took matters into her own hands and designed her first pair of jeans that fit her body just right. As soon as she started selling them on HSN, the phones lit up.

"We sold 5,000 jeans in three minutes," she said.

Now, there's no stopping the “Jeans Queen.”

“You can have an idea and have it strike so hard that it creates a phenomenon. It feels totally surreal,” she said.