Are NFL Players Out of Control?

A Dallas Cowboys player was arrested for DUI after a crash killed one his teammates and best friend. The news comes just weeks after another NFL tragedy leading many to ask if the players are out of control. INSIDE EDITION spoke with legend Tiki Barber

The Dallas Cowboys star accused of killing another player in a drunken car crash gets out of jail.

Josh Brent's hand was bandaged and he still showed signs of head injuries as he was released on a half-million dollars bail. His feet were bare as he walked to a waiting car.

Brent told reporters as he left jail, "I am just trying to deal with his death right now."

Brent's lawyer choked up as he spoke about the death of up-and-coming Cowboys player Jerry Brown.

Attorney George Milner told reporters, "The focus right now is Jerry Brown's family. He is torn up. It is not a good moment for anybody right now."

Brown, a 25-year-old father-to-be, died when Brent’s Mercedes hit a curb on a highway near Dallas. The skid marks on the road where the accident happened are still visible. Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Grieving Cowboys players consoled each other before Sunday’s game, and a moment's silence was observed before kickoff.

Former Giants star Tiki Barber is still shaken up by the news which comes just days after another NFL tragedy - Kansas City Chiefs star Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide.

Barber spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd at the opening of an eco-friendly Applebee's resturant in New York City.

Barber said, "My heart goes out to the families, the teams, and the organization."

Watch INSIDE EDITION's interview with Tiki Barber here.

Police just released dash cam video of Belcher right before he killed his girlfriend. Cops found him asleep in his Bentley at 3 a.m., but say they had no cause to arrest him. Four hours later, he was dead.

Now, after the second football tragedy in a week, the question swirling—Are NFL players out of control?

Boyd asked, "In many ways, these recent tragedies are overshadowing the game itself. A lot of people are wondering what is going on with the NFL?"

Barber said, "Of course. It is horrible, it is shocking and it makes the NFL really have to focus on educating the group, the players.