Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki Gets Slammed For Serena Williams Impersonation

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is under fire for stuffing towels under her top and skirt for her spoof of Serena Williams. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Caroline Wozniacki stuffed towels into her top and down the back of her skirt during an exhibition game and strutted about on the court while apparently imitating curvy Serena Williams.

Her antics got a big laugh from the crowd, but others today are saying the routine was offensive.

The Huffington Post asked, is this impersonation racist?

The View's Sherri Shepperd was not impressed.

“To see Serena reduced to this, I don't like it," Shepperd said.

Online, William's fans are slamming Wozniacki.

"This isn't harmless fun. It's racist. Out and outright racism," one fan tweeted.

Another tweeted, "Maybe if she imitated Serena’s actual tennis, she'd win a little more."

One Wozniacki supporter wrote: "This is funny. It was an impersonation of her friend. Why do people have to ruin a great moment!"

It's not the first time Wozniacki has spoofed Williams. She also pulled the stunt at a tournament in Europe last year.

Back then, Williams, who is friends with Wozniacki, was quoted as saying she didn't think the impersonation was mean-spirited. After all, others have done it.

Novak Djokovic imitated Williams at an exhibition match just last month. Andy Roddick has also stuffed his shirt and shorts for a Serena impersonation.

So, is it a tribute or mockery?

Here's Whoopi Goldberg's take, “You can make fun all you like, but she's still gonna beat your ass."