Monkey Gets Loose In IKEA

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on a monkey who was dressed in a stylish coat that managed to find its way into a busy IKEA store and wreaked havoc among shoppers.

Video of the monkey who wreaked havoc by running wild in an IKEA store has surfaced.

Customers watched in awe as Little Darwin was wearing a stylish shearing coat and running around like a panicked shopper in search of a sale.

The wacky story begins in an IKEA parking lot. The monkey's owner had left Darwin in a parked car, but, somehow, the clever creature opened the car door and headed into the store.

All havoc broke loose as Darwin raced around the IKEA in Toronto. When he was captured, he was taken to a primate sanctuary.

So who is Darwin?

An amazing video shows Darwin and his owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, brushing their teeth together. She desperately wants her little ball of fire back.

She said, "I know he cannot live without me. He needs his mother like a child needs his mother."

She was fined $240 for having an illegal pet.

In videos, it is evident that Darwin was raised more like a child than a monkey. In one video he has a pacifier in his mouth, and he's wearing overalls. He was welcomed at work, and had a nifty devil costume for Halloween.

But this devilish behavior made him world-famous, and got him photo-shopped onto many comical images.

What's next for Darwin? Stay tuned!