Mania Ensues Over 12-12-12

From weddings to special birthday celebrations, people across the country are taking action on 12-12-12 with hopes of good fortune. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Why are brides and grooms so eager to exchange vows today in Las Vegas?

Well, Vegas is all about lucky numbers, and you can't do better than on the magical date, 12/12/12!

“Happy 12-12-12!” brides and grooms cheered.

Business is booming at the Little White Wedding Chapel, where more than 600 couples are expected to wed on this special day.

Speaking of special, one boy is having quite a birthday.

Kiam Moriya told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent, “I am turning twelve in 2012, at twelve minutes after twelve, on the twelfth of December, and December is the 12th month of the year."

“Wow! Happy birthday, indeed!” said Trent.

For you skeptics out there, Kiam showed INSIDE EDITION his birth certificate from the year 2000. Born on December 12th, at twelve minutes past twelve.

His mom, Tamara, always knew this day of twelves was coming.

"We like to think of it as a positive thing," said Tamara.

"I feel pretty lucky,” said Kiam.

And "lucky" is how the brides and grooms feel as they make a lifelong commitment on this once-in-a-lifetime date.