Stars Come Together For The Concert For Sandy Relief

Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, and more aligned at Madison Square Garden for the Concert For Sandy Relief. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

More than a dozen of rock's biggest names took the stage to play great music for a great cause.

Who better than New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen to kick off the concert of the year? It was also personal for Billy Joel, who's from New York’s Long Island.

$35 million in ticket sales and sponsorship for victims of Hurricane Sandy was raised at the benefit concert last night at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and that's not counting the many millions more raised by the telecast.

The phone bank was manned by big-time celebs. From Chelsea Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Danza, Jeremy Piven, Jimmy Fallon, Martha Stewart, and a reunion of the cast of The Sopranos, including James Gandolfini.

Gandolfini told Brian Williams, "I went there with my parents. I bring my kids there. It is a place where we all get together."

Starlets like Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes, and Blake Lively did their part on stage.

Only a worthy cause like this could lead to a rare duet between Springsteen and fellow Jersey boy Jon Bon Jovi.

There were lots of laughs. Adam Sandler gave a colorful rendition of the song "Hallelujah,” as only he could.

The song set the twitterverse on fire.

One tweet said, "Adam Sandler is the only guy who can make a hilarious song out of a hurricane."

So did Kanye West's leather skirt. Among the wisecracks were, "Kanye must have swapped suitcases with Kim Kardashian." Within minutes, Kanye's skirt even had its own twitter page.

The concert went way over schedule, but no one seemed to mind. At 1 a.m., 70-year-old McCartney was still rocking out.
Almost six hours after the show started, and way past most people's bedtime, New York City’s own Alicia Keys closed the show, with a stage full of hero First Responders.