Dave Price Ditches Mandy Patinkin As Wife Goes Into Labor

In the middle of an interview with Homeland star Mandy Patinkin, Good Day New York co-host Dave Price ran off the set when he found out his wife was giving birth. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It’s something you've never seen on TV before.

Dave Price, co-host of Good Day New York was in the middle of an interview with Homeland star, Mandy Patinkin, when, suddenly, he got up and left.

But, why?

Co-host Rosanna Scotto said, “He’s going. His wife is in labor."

And Patinkin went crazy!

"Oh my god, that's thrilling! Is this his first kid?" asked Patinkin.

"His first kid," replied Scotto.

"Oh my god, that's the most exciting thing I’ve ever had happen. The hell with me, let's cut away to the hospital," said Patinkin.

Price's son was born a short time later that same day, and the proud father showed off pictures of his newborn on Thursday morning.

"This is Eli. His full name is Ellis Harold Price,” he said.