Jon Stewart Bans Hugh Grant From The Daily Show

After an uncomfortable interview in 2009, Jon Stewart is now banning Hugh Grant from The Daily Show and has a few choice words for the actor. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Jon Stewart is banning Hugh Grant from The Daily Show.

Stewart said Grant was the worst guest he ever had and that behind the scenes, Grant acted like a diva and was rude to the staff.

 "He’s giving everyone [expletive] the whole time," Stewart said.

Grant appeared on The Daily Show in 2009 to promote his movie with Sarah Jessica Parker, Did You Hear about The Morgans?

During the interview, the actor looked annoyed that Stewart had not bothered to see, or do any research about the movie.

Stewart said, "So this film, So What About the Morgans, they meet."
Grant said, "No, they don't meet."
Stewart said, “They marry?"
Grant responded, "No, they don't marry."
Stewart then joked, "They move to New Mexico."
Grant unamused said, "Thanks for doing the research Jon!"

When the interview wrapped up, Grant called Jon Stewart out for not doing his homework.

Stewart told the audience, "It's a terrific movie, everyone go see it, it opens on Friday!"

Grant responded, "You don't know that it's terrific, because you haven't even seen it. But it is terrific."

Speaking at a fundraiser Stewart recently said of Grant, "He's a big pain the [expletive], and we've had dictators on the show."