Underwear Model Deliberately Gains 100 Pounds

INSIDE EDITION talks to the personal trainer and underwear model who deliberately gained nearly 100 pounds, and then got his six-pack abs back.

This underwear model gained nearly one hundred pounds—on purpose!

Paul James is a personal trainer who wanted to experience what his overweight clients went through.

Before he supersized himself, Paul had chiselled arms and six pack abs. He ate junk food, pizza, and fried chicken. Washing it down with chocolate milk. Paul gained 88 pounds in just four months and discovered what we all know, it's easier to put it on than to take it off.

"You couldn't pay me to go to the gym at the moment," James said when he gained the weight.

But just look at Paul today. Paul's six pack is back., and so are his amazing biceps. He documented his remarkable journey in a new film Fat and Back.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "Was it like wearing a fat suit?"

"Yeah, it was wearing a fat suit that didn't come off," said Paul.

Paul tipped the scales at 264 pounds, and his girlfriend Lisa Anne is happy he's no longer living large.

"I think the most unattractive thing about him at that time was his personality. He lost his spark," said Lisa Anne.

So how did Paul do it? INSIDE EDITION took paul to Gold's Gym in Hawthorne, California where he showed us his exercise routine which includes weight lifting and push-ups.

Paul has this advice, "Once you're in shape you can pretty much relax and eat what you like as long as you follow that up with exercise."