Young Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Remembered

The young victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting are being mourned and remembered as the nation still tried absorb the unthinkable tragedy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

They are the littlest victims. Children gone too soon, at the hands of a madman.

Six-year-old Emilie Alice Parker had an infectious smile. She carried crayons everywhere she went and was always ready to draw pictures for people to cheer them up.

Tribute pages to the little lives lost are sprouting up on Facebook. On a page dedicated to Emilie, there are comments like this: "rest in peace little beautiful angel."

December 4th was Grace McDonnell's seventh birthday. Neighbors say she looked like a little doll.

Anna Grace M. Marquez-Greene loved to dance and sing. Anna's dad is jazz musician, Jimmy Green.  She was blessed with her father's talent. Anna Grace's twin brother Isaiah was in another classroom when the shooting erupted Friday morning. He is alive today.

The grieving family of Katherine Hubbard has asked everyone to pray for them and the other families who lost loved ones.

Benjamin Wheeler, a newcomer to the school was just six-years-old.

Daniel Barden's dad remembers his son smiling with his eyes. He celebrated his 7th birthday in September.

On December 11th, Josephine Gay turned seven years old. She looked forward to summers when she set up a lemonade stand outside her house. 

Dylan Hockley was born in England to a British dad and American mom. They moved to Newtown to give Dylan a great education.

Jessica Rekos loved everything about horses. This year, she asked Santa for cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. "Ride on cowgirl. You will be a great rider in heaven", says one Facebook posting.

Seven-year-old Chase Kowalski was great at sports. Just last week, Chase won his first mini-triathlon.

Olivia Rose Engel was a girl scout, with perfect table manners. Olivia was supposed to play an angel in her church's nativity play. Now she is one.