Newtown Tragedy Seen In Movie Foreshadowing

The Newtown tragedy was foreshadowed in the gripping film from last year, We Need To Talk About Kevin, about a mother trying to deal with her murderous son. INSIDE EDITION looks at the comparison alongside new information on Adam Lanza.

It's the movie that eerily foreshadows the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We Need To Talk About Kevin was released last year, but got very little attention.

It tells the story of a disturbed child who massacres students at his high school, but with a bow and arrow.

And just as Adam Lanza killed his mother before carrying out the mass shooting in Newtown, Kevin in the movie first kills his father and sister and leaves their bodies for his mother to find.

Kevin, played by an actor named Ezra Miller, even bears a striking resemblance to Adam Lanza.

And we're learning more what may have driven 20-year-old Lanza to kill. He lived like a recluse in the windowless basement of his mother's sprawling $1.4 million dollar house. He spent much of his time alone playing violent video games. His favorite: Call of Duty.

High school teacher Richard Novia is one of the few people who got through to him.

Novia said, "Adam was shy, very quiet, very nice boy, intellectual. Withdrawn most often. Hard to pull out. Hard to interact with."

Lanza's parents seperated in 2001 after 20 years of marriage. Divorce papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION show that Nancy Lanza got the house and generous alimony of about $290,000 a year. Peter Lanza also agreed to pay for Adam's medical bills, his college education and buy him a car.

The divorce was apparently amicable, but Adam took the break-up very hard. He stopped speaking to both his father, a G.E. executive, and his older brother Ryan, in 2010.

"Nancy was a wonderful parent. The kind of parent who is deeply involved in the children's lives. She was interactive in everything they did," said Novia.

But there is also condemnation of Nancy's parenting skills today from a columnist on The Daily Beast website for teaching her emotionally troubled son to shoot.

"Teaching a young man like that to be a marksman strikes me as pretty questionable parenting," wrote Michael Tomasky.

Lanza had Asperger's syndrome. Experts say years of isolation behind those walls may have driven him further over the edge.