Schools Step Up Security After Sandy Hook Shooting

As new security measures are being implemented in various schools around the country, INSIDE EDITION has tips that experts say may be the best option.

There are new lessons in survival for students in these troubling times.

Security expert Steve Kardian showed INSIDE EDITION some lifesaving techniques.

“When you have an active shooter come into the classroom, you have to respond instantaneously. I will lock the door, and I will shut the lights off. I will take a table and barricade the door with as much as I can. With the door locked, with the lights out, with the door barricaded, it will only take him a second to stop and if he can't get in,  then he will move on,” said Kardian.

Dramatic scenes like that are part of a safety video produced by Auburn University to instruct students how to deal with a gunman on the rampage.

The video says, “Once you have quickly locked and barricaded the door, quickly move to an area out of sight.”

The videos show how something as simple as a belt could save your life.

The narrator of the video said, "Every door can be barricaded, regardless of whether the door locks or the direction in which the door opens. You may need to be creative. Don't just give up."

Safety expert Greg Crane developed the universities' program.

Crane told INSIDE EDITION, “You need to have some strategy, some knowledge of ‘What can I do in this moment of danger to try and increase my chances of survival.’”

A school in Passaic, New Jersey, has a roomful of security monitors, and, in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, officials say even this may not be enough and may expand the school district's video surveillance program.

A school district in Santa Anna, California, has its own police force to protect 57,000 students and 5,000 staff. It is the only school district in Orange County with its own police force.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked the Police Chief of the school district, David Valentine, “I notice you're armed.”

Valentine said, "Yes, Santa Anna unified school district is the only school district in Orange County to have its own police force."

All part of America's effort to prevent another school massacre.