Dogs Travel Across Country To Comfort Newtown Residents

A team of dogs traveled across several states to lend comfort to the children and residents of Newtown, Connecticut. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the comforting canines and their owners.

There are no words for the never-ending sorrow in Newtown, Connecticut.

That's why a group of special dogs are there to bring comfort to the grieving townfolk, just by being there. Ten Golden Retrievers comprise a team of comfort dogs, brought all the way from Chicago to console people through this terrible time.

"The dogs provide a sense of peace, safety and calm. They can do things we can't do," said one of the dog owners.

Meanwhile, two more children were laid to rest today. Six-year-old James Mattioli loved hockey, hamburgers and life itself. He was an early riser, always eager to meet the day.

As mourners gathered at the St. Rose of Lima church for a final farewell to James, security was extraordinarily tight in the wake of a bomb threat there. Every car was checked on the way in.

Six-year-old Jessica Rekos was also laid to rest today. She loved horses, and had asked Santa Claus for cowgirl boots and a cowboy hat.

Meanwhile, the daughter of hero principal Dawn Hochsprung fought back tears as she read a recent letter from her mom on the Today show.

"My dearest Erica, you are and will forever be my sweet baby girl. You possess a piece of my heart and soul. Be safe. Be well. Be happy."

Several Newtown schools re-opened today for the first time since the mass shooting, and the troubled look on one little boy's face told the story better than words ever could.

In the midst of sorrows, a symbol of hope and love has emerged right in the middle of town. Throughout the memorial, flowers, candles, stuffed animals and messages of hope like one that reads: "The heavens have gained 26 beautiful angels and the sky has gained 26 shining stars."