Go Outside The Box For Holiday Gifts

Having trouble finding gifts for those special people on your list? INSIDE EDITION has a unique guide to unforgettable and creative gift ideas.

If you want to avoid a reaction of disappointment on Christmas morning, INSIDE EDITION has some creative gift ideas.

Tania Luna of Surprise Industries told INSIDE EDITION, "If you really want to wow someone this holiday season, think about something that doesn't fit in a box."

Anyone on your list ever dreamed of joining in the circus?  Give them the gift of learning flips and tricks.  

Circus classes start at just $25 an hour.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander tried her hands at juggling.

Kristen Olness of Aerial Arts NYC said, “It's an experience that will last a lifetime, something different than a sweater, a sweater you may forget about next season, but this one you'll remember forever.”  

If someone on your list has a need for speed, put them behind the wheel of a powerful race car. For $1,500 you can get private lessons on how to burn rubber.  

Ever wonder what it feels like to be famous?  

There is another gift that is something totally out-of-the-box, give the gift of celebrity.  Why not hire paparazzi to follow your loved one around? It'll cost you about $500 for photographers from Celeb-4-A-Day to get those flashbulbs going.

If that special person on your Christmas list isn't afraid of heights, why not buy them hang gliding lessons starting at $200.  

How about DJ lessons for the music lover on your list. For $350 they'll learn how to spin  turntables and become the life of every party.

And remember the film Night at the Museum?

Well, you and your kids can have your own night exploring your local museum. Prices can start at about $100. You can even sleep there, running dinosaurs not included.