Runaway Mom Tiffany Tehan Remorseful

The runaway mom who left behind her husband and baby to start a new life in Miami with a boyfriend is expressing remorse, reportedly telling family members she misses her daughter. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Runaway mom Tiffany Tehan was still in Miami with her boyfriend Tre Hutcherson, where they had been staying at a motel.

A family friend quoted Tehan saying: "I never thought this would get this out of hand."

Tehan's father, a church pastor, said Tehan wept during a dramatic phone call home: "She was remorseful. She was tearful. She misses her daughter Lexi. Tiffany misses Lexi very much," he told The Early Show.

"It's very scary for women to think that a woman could actually leave her child," psychiatrist Gail Saltz tells INSIDE EDITION.

And more is being revealed about the runaway couple's preparations to leave Ohio.

New surveillance video shows boyfriend Tre Hutcherson the day before Tehan disappeared. He was at a Dayton, Ohio auto dealership swapping his 1999 Volkswagen Beetle for a 2002 Chrysler for the drive to Florida.

"The abandonment for a week probably wont have a lasting effect on the child; a bigger effect would be if the mom really leaves and the family really splits up," says Saltz.