Exclusive: Adam Lanza Class Photo From Sandy Hook Elementary

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the class photo of Adam Lanza's second grade class when he attended Sandy Hook Elementary--the very school where he unleashed his horrific mass shooting.

It's the first photo of madman Adam Lanza when he was an innocent, 8-year-old student at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

He stands in front of his teacher, Mrs. Macinnes with 17 other students in this second grade class picture taken in 2000.

There's no outward sign that he is a deeply disturbed child who would one day return to his school with guns blazing and plunge the whole of America into mourning.

But a former classmate tells INSIDE EDITION, "He had only one friend in the entire class. He scared the other kids."

Meanwhile, new details are emerging about what might have driven Adam Lanza over the edge.

Published reports say Nancy Lanza went on a vacation to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire, enjoying gourmet food and being pampered at the spa.

She checked into the luxury resort at 12:10 pm Tuesday, December 11 following a five-hour drive from Newtown, Connecticut. She stayed there for three days, and checked out on Thursday, December 13 at 12:27 pm, the day before the massacre.

20-year-old Adam Lanza was back in Newtown during those three days in the words of one headline:  "Home Alone To Plot A Massacre."

Friends say there was friction inside the house because Nancy Lanza kept pushing her son to break out of his isolation and leave home; to stop spending hours at a time in the basement playing violent video games. Nancy Lanza confided she was afraid he was retreating deeper and deeper into himself.   

"Nancy thought he needed to move on, whether it be getting a job or college," a friend was quoted as saying. "I'm not sure that's the reason he snapped but it's my best guess."

It's also reported that Adam Lanza wanted to join the Marines but his mother had quashed that ambition. 

And those heartbreaking funeral processions continued today. Little Jesse Lewis, Catherine Hubbard, Benjamin Wheeler and Allison Wyatt were all to be laid to rest. They're all six-years-old. Also buried was teacher Lauren Rousseau.

And there's anger as well as grief. The family of six-year-old victim Noah Pozner says heartless scammers are setting up phony funds in the child's name.

Noah's outraged uncle spoke to Anderson Cooper, saying, "Instead of doing things with my family, I am running around trying to protect my family. I look at my nieces and I think of these scammers. They're stealing from them!"

CNN says it traced an email soliciting donations in Noah's name to a house in the Bronx, New York. The woman who lives in the house did not want her face to be shown on camera when INSIDE EDITION came to speak to her. But she claims she never sent the emails and is the victim of a hoax.

"I never sent out anything via email," said the woman.

The famed choir from PS 22 on New York's Staten Island sang the Sandy Hook Elementary School song in a touching tribute to the the slain schoolchilden. The students say they hope it brings strength and inspiration to everyone struggling with grief over the massacre.