Mount Everest Picture At Two Billion Pixels

A mega-pixel photo of Mt. Everest allows viewers to zoom into razor-sharp detail like never before. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the photo that will make you think you're climbing Mount Everest.

The incredible image of the world's tallest mountain is two billion pixels large.

That means you can zoom in, and in, and the image stays razor-sharp. Normally when you zoom in on a photo, you soon begin to lose detail and it breaks up into pixels.

This image lets you start with the breathtaking wide shot of the Himalayas. Then zoom in all the way to the top of Mount Everest itself. When you zoom in on the rocks at the bottom, you can see the dozens of tents set up at the Everest base camp. 

David Breashears is the head of the organization that posted the image on its website, Glacier Works. The group's goal is to show how the Himalayan glaciers are shrinking.

Breashears’ web site containing the amazing photo can be seen here.

Mount Everest, sharper than you've ever seen it before.