Stolen Painting Turns Up At Flea Market 30 Years Later

A woman discovered the painting she bought at a flea market was not only stolen 30 years ago, but it belonged to a famous TV legend. INSIDE EDITION was there for the return of the long lost painting.

Shannon Turk admires the painting of the hippie surfer dude she bought at a flea market. But what Turk didn't know is that the painting is hot—stolen nearly 30 years ago.

Turk told INSIDE EDITION, "I was walking past this booth and saw this painting and I knew immediately I had to have it."

You won't believe who it was ripped off from TV legend Peter Marshall, the original host of the Hollywood Squares. The surfer dude is actually Marshall's youngest son, Dave. The painting is titled "Brother Dave" and hung in a prominent place in Marshall's Los Angeles home.

peter marshall
Marshall told INSIDE EDITION, "I never thought I would ever see it again."

One night in 1983, Marshall was working late taping the Hollywood Squares, but some crooks were also working the late shift. The thieves stole "Brother Dave" along with Marshall's valuable collection of artwork.

"I have a lot of paintings. I have very valuable paintings, but they don't mean as much to me as this painting does," said Marshall.

Fast forward to today. After Shannon Turk bought the painting, she emailed the artist asking about the portrait's history.
"He emailed me back right away and said that it had been missing for 30 years," said Turk.

Turk immediately called the LAPD to return the stolen painting. INSIDE EDITION was there when detectives from the art theft squad came to her house to pick it up.

Turk told the officers, "Here he is."

"Thirty years later," said the officer.

She gave them the painting and they drove it to Marshall's house. Only INSIDE EDITION was there as Marshall was reunited with the painting of his son.

"Look how magnificent that is. Wow!" responded Marshall.

In case you were wondering, Dave still looks like a hippie surfer dude, except now his hair is white and he's a 60-year-old grandfather.

Marshall hung the painting right above the fireplace.

And while Turk will miss "Brother Dave," she knows returning it to the famous TV host was the right thing to do.

Turk said, "I'm sad to see him go, but I'm really happy to see him go back to his family where he belongs."