20-Year-Old Miss U.S.A Crowned Miss Universe

For the first time in 15 years, Miss USA takes the crown of Miss Universe, and INSIDE EDITION caught up with the gorgeous Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island.

Miss U.S.A was crowned Miss Universe Wednesday night.

20-year-old Olivia Culpo won the pageant in Las Vegas, becoming the first American to take home the Miss Universe crown in 15 years.

Culpo had a plunging neckline on her wintery red velvet gown.

"I'm so excited!" exclaimed Culpo right after her big win.

Culpo is from Rhode Island and is a sophomore at Boston University. She also plays the cello, and calls herself a "cellist nerd."

Culpo had to undergo a medical procedure to be able to wear the towering high heels that took her down the stage.

INSIDE EDITION was with Culpo as New York City podiatrist, Suzanne Levine, gave her ultrasound therapy to treat her swollen ankles, a result of wearing high heels every single day. Levine said, "There is definitely inflammation going on here. Your ankles take so much pressure." Thanks to the treatment, Culpo was able to strut the Miss Universe stage with confidence.

She did have one little stumble during the evening gown portion of the competition, but clearly her beauty and poise won out in the eyes of the judges.

The new Miss Universe woke up Thursday all ready for her new life, tweeting, "Rise and shine!! Makeup time... Ready for day one of #missuniverse life :)"