Missouri Man Takes Home $258 Million from Powerball Lottery

The Missouri man who hit it big in the lottery and won a payout of $258 million can finally afford to fix his teeth. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

A few days ago Chris Shaw had just $20 to his name, and now he's worth $258 million!

The 29-year-old gas station attendant just won the Powerball lottery, and he could really use it!

Shaw was making minimum wage pumping gas in Marshall, Missouri. He was living paycheck to paycheck, and was so broke he couldn't afford to get his front teeth fixed.

He never imagined this would happen.

Shaw and his girlfriend Tosha Ewry appeared on The Early Show to share their story.

"I thought it was a big joke and when I found out it was the real thing...that was amazing," Ewry said.

Now Shaw's first priority is to get those front teeth fixed, and then he's taking his three kids to Disney World!

You can't help but be happy for this newly-minted millionaire!

Shaw bought the lottery ticket at the gas station where he works.