Three Million Donated To High School With A Catch

A lottery-winning couple offered to make a large donation to their local high school's new football stadium, with one catch--paint the visiting team's locker room pink. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. For Mary and Brian Lohse, that dream became real. They won the $200 million dollar Powerball jackpot in October. 

Now the Lohse's are trying to figure out what to do with their fortune.

They've decided to give away a big chunk to their sons' high school in Iowa. The money went towards building a new three million dollar athletic field. 

But there is a bizarre catch. At Mary's suggestion, the visiting team's locker room must be painted entirely in pink.

She says she got the idea from the coach at the University of Iowa.

But some are saying that painting a locker room pink is a not so subtle way of intimidating opponents and questioning their manhood.

Reaction to the donation is mixed. "It's a form of bullying!" says one comment on the Des Moines Register Facebook page. "Big thumbs down" says another comment. "Very nice of them, but that catch sounds like bullying. Shame on them" a third comment reads.

Mr. Lohse understands how their pink-colored visitors locker room is being perceived outside of Iowa, but deny any bad intentions.

The Lohse’s are not backing down. As for the shade of pink, it’s the brightest shade of pink you can imagine.