Famous Escorts Exposed

INSIDE EDITION looks at high-priced escorts who found themselves in the public eye, and one named Natalie McLennan who boldly wrote a book about her experiences.

Suzy Favor Hamilton is not the first high price escort to become a household name overnight.

Who could forget Ashley Dupre. She's the brunette bombshell whose name exploded onto the front page of newspapers when it was revealed that New York Governor, Eliott Spitzer, paid for her services.

The scandal destroyed Spitzer's political career, but Dupre used it to boost hers.

She put the escort life behind her, wrote a sex-advice column for a newspaper, and tried to make it as a singer.

Earlier this year it was reported that she was expecting her first child.

Natalie McLennan, also known as, Natalia to her well-heeled clients, charged $2,000 an hour.

McLennan also found fame when she was anointed "New York's Number One Escort" on a magazine cover.

McLennan too has left the escort life behind her and has now written a book about her experiences, The Price: My Life as Natalia, New York's #1 Escort.

She was later convicted of attempted money laundering.

One of Tiger Woods' escorts, Joslyn James, was recently reported to be working at the Bunny Ranch outside Las Vegas.

Now add a world-class Olympic athlete to the list of escorts who have hit the front pages.