Giant Winter Storms Blast U.S.

Wrapping up a year of severe weather for much of the country, giant winter storms are hammering the Midwest and East Coast. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Deadly post-Christmas storms are ripping across the U.S. Twelve deaths are being blamed on the strong system that's produced tornados and blizzards leaving millions in a whiteout.

As hundreds of thousands of people attempt to fly home from the holidays, and others try to get away for the New Year, cancellations are mounting. The backup is leaving thousands stranded at airports all over the country.   

A Southwest jet skidded off the runway at Long Island, New York's McArthur Airport.

In the South, there were more than 40 confirmed tornadoes. A wild scene was caught on tape in the parking lot of a Walgreens in Mobile, Alabama. Trucks were thrown around like Christmas toys, and inside the store, customers were rushing to find a safe spot.

There was record snowfall in places not accustomed to it. Little Rock, Arkansas, is digging out.

One resident said, "I'm from Iowa originally and I moved here twenty years ago to get away from this sort of thing."

But even in Buffalo, New York, where they're used to big snowfalls, getting around was not easy.

And if you want to know the snowfall amount in Indianapolis, one guy took this time lapse video over a two hour period that almost buried a ruler. It was a losing battle in Indy even if you had a snowblower

To make matters worse, nearly a million people all over the United States are now trying to cope without power.