Alleged Sandy Hook Scammer Arrested For Posing As Victim's Aunt

Nouel Alba has been arrested for scamming people out of money by allegedly posing as the aunt of one of the child victims from the mass shooting. INSIDE EDITION talked to the woman about the allegations.

The heartless Bronx woman who allegedly set up phony funds in the name of a Sandy Hook victim has been arrested.   

Nouel Alba was busted after she allegedly posed as an aunt of six-year-old Noah Pozner, one of the 20 children killed inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

According to police, the 37-year-old was using emails, even Faceboook, to collect bogus funds for the child's funeral.

Noah's uncle spoke to Anderson Cooper, saying, "Instead of doing things with our family I am running around trying to protect the family. I look at my nieces and I think of these scammers and I think...they're stealing from them!"

Feds have now charged her for lying to them after uncovering Alba's scam.  

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Alba last week at her home in the Bronx, at the time agreeing not to show her face on camera.

She denies the charges and claims she never solicited money, saying,"I never sent out anything via email."

But INSIDE EDITION has learned Alba may have been posing as the aunt of yet another Sandy Hook victim.  

One woman named Donna says she too was scammed by Alba. Only this time, she was allegedly collecting money on Facebook for six-year-old Sandy Hook victim, Jessie Lewis.  

Donna told INSIDE EDITION, "I sent her a small donation. She posted on Facebook that she was setting up a funeral fund."

Donna says she sent Alba $100, but she says she quickly learned it was all a fraud.

"This was a scam," said Donna.

She says she called and asked Alba for her money to be returned, but still hasn't received anything back. Alba denies Donna's claims.