Reality Show Finds World's Largest Bra

A new reality series on Lifetime follows large-breasted women as they struggle to find a bra that fits. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Norma may have the largest breasts in the world. They're so big, she can't even find a bra that fits.

Norma is featured in the new reality series on Lifetime called Double Divas.

The Bra Divas, Molly and Cynthia, have helped hundreds of women find the perfect fit. Their store in Atlanta is popular with busty women, but potential clients are found everywhere. Even the waitress who brings them lunch is a potential client.

"We've been Bra fitters for years, and our passion is helping women.  And when you come in to my store, you might say 'Well if she's got boobs like that, she can help me,'" said Molly.

Now, the Bra Divas are ready to take on their biggest challenge to date.

Can they actually make the largest bra in the world for Norma?

"It bothers me that a woman like this can't get a bra," said Cynthia.

"When Cynthia and I saw Norma walking across that parking lot, it was like everything we've ever dreamed of," said Molly.

Double Divas premieres on Lifetime, on January 10th.