Victim's Dirty Laundry Presented As Evidence In Jodi Arias Trial

The clothing of murder victim Travis Alexander was brought into evidence during the trial against his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias. INSIDE EDITION has the report.

A dead man's dirty laundry was aired in court—literally.

An investigator holds up items of clothing and bedding recovered from the bloody crime scene where motivational speaker, Travis Alexander, was stabbed 27 times.

Jodi Arias, on trial for her life, covered her face and sobbed as each item was held up.

Beth Karas of In Session told INSIDE EDITION, "She has been emotional. She hides her face with her hair, she puts her head down, is this genuine? Is this an act for the jury? Who knows?"

An ex-girlfriend of Travis Alexander, who found his body in his home in Mesa, Arizona, told police in a 911 call just played in court that Arias had been stalking him.

911 operator: "Has he been threatened by anyone recently?"
Caller: "Yes, he has. He has an ex-girlfriend that has been bothering him and following him and slashing his tires, things like that."
911 operator: "Do you know the ex-girlfriend's name?"
Caller: "Her name is Jodi."

Also played in court was the phone call Arias made to police just 24 hours after the body was found, claiming she wanted to help catch the killer.  

She said, “Travis and I had an on-off kind of relationship. I keep saying, 'What if what if I’d gone down there? What if I’d never moved and I’d been there?”

The detective told her that other friends of Travis were accusing her.

Detective: "Some of his closest friends began mentioning your name. She probably knows what happened to him or she possibly had something to do with it."
Arias: "Oh gosh.

Arias now claims she killed Travis in self-defense.

Prosecutors also released an e-mail in which Arias complained, “I think I was little more than a sex-toy with a heartbeat to you.”

And he sent emails calling her "a slut" and "a whore."

It's a very different image from the killer with an angelic voice seen in recently released prison video.