Hurricane Sandy Victims Outraged At Insurance Company's Response

INSIDE EDITION speaks to a couple who lost their home in Hurricane Sandy and say they only got $10,000 from their insurance company.

Dominic and Sheila Traina’s home was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy. It's a pile of rubble that was once a cute little cottage by the sea. Now, they are brought to tears by the site of what was their home.

Like homeowners everywhere, they naturally assumed their insurance would cover the loss.

Well, they are wrong.

The Traina's say All State Insurance has offered them a grand total of $10,000.    

Sheila told INSIDE EDITION, “We can't do anything with that check. They have to do better. They have to do what the policy was written for us."


To add insult to injury, All State featured the house in a touch-feely TV commercial.

Dominic said, “The commercial pops up and my grandkids say ‘That's your house.’ Sure enough, we watched a few of those commercials. I was sick. I got upset after eating dinner. I had to look at that.”

The feel-good commercial congratulated All-State agents for their compassion in the Superstorm Sandy disaster.

“How could they put something like that on TV and not take care of us. It does not make any sense,” said Dominic.

The Traina's say it will take at least $150,000 to rebuild their home, and the $10,000 insurance settlement is obviously just a drop in the bucket.     

Dominic said, “When they called to tell me what they were going to do, I told the woman, 'Don't send it I will not accept it.'”

All State released this statement: "All All State commercials are produced in accordance with all applicable advertising standards. We continue to work with customers affected by Sandy and seek to settle claims promptly and fairly."

The Traina's met President Obama when he toured storm ravaged Staten Island where the Traina's live. The president even wrote a note to their grandchildren saying "I am going to help.”

As for All State, the Traina's are not feeling like they are in good hands.

Dominic said, “They don't care, they don't care. That's the way they treat people. That's not right.”