Teacher Arrested For Paddling Students

Inside Edition has the latest on the outrage caused after video of a teacher paddling several of his students came to light.

Parents were shocked to find out that a teacher paddled his students, one of them so hard that the young man walked into the next room and fell to the floor.

Authorities say the paddlings were not disciplinary but were part of a bizarre agreement between the teacher and three students in a shop class at the school in Paris, Tennessee.

Believe it or not, cops say the three students suggested to the teacher that he paddle them, and in return, he would let them play cards in the classroom. Even more incredibly, the teacher agreed.

Susan, the mother of 16-year-old Cody Hillard, was outraged at what happened to her son.

"It hurt pretty good for a little bit," said Cody.

Another student in the class that day, Travis McDaniel, shot all three paddlings on a cellphone. Concerned about what had happened, he showed the footage to his father.

"My blood pressure went through the roof. It was just really appalling," said McDaniel's father.

Travis's dad alerted authorities. The sheriff decided that although disciplinary paddling is permitted at schools in the county, this teacher, a substitute, had gone way too far.

"The teacher actually used both hands one particular time. Similar to a baseball swing," said the Sheriff.

The teacher, Kris Sanders, was arrested and charged with three counts of assault. In a statement the teacher said he's sorry for what happened, describing it as a playful incident that went wrong.