Douglas's Mom Takes Heat for Parenting Skills

Michael Douglas's ex-wife, Diandra Douglas's parenting skills have come under scrutiny in connection with the case against her son, Cameron. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Michael Douglas's ex-wife is coming under fire for being a "dopey mom" who allegedly stood by as her son descended into drugs.

"Being a mom is above her pay grade," Cameron Douglas's friend is quoted as saying of Diandra Douglas. She's "too self-involved and uninterested in raising her son," wrote another family friend in a letter to the court. Most shocking of all, Diandra is said to have once complained, "I don't like this child. I don't think I even love him."

New details about Diandra's mothering skills are emerging from these scathing letters to the judge that are just being made public. She's portrayed as a hands-off mom more interested in globe-trotting than mothering.

In her own letter to the court, Diandra writes that while she wasn't "perfect," she "did the very best I could at the time with the tools I had available to me as a young mother."

Cameron Douglas could have gotten a ten year sentence, instead the judge ordered him jailed for five years, along with a fine, community service and probation once he gets out.