Bull Riding Takes On Manhattan

The professional bull riding tour makes a stop in New York, and INSIDE EDITION was there for the country spectacular in the middle of the big city.

It's one of the most dangerous sports in the world and its popularity is growing. The professional bull riders tour is making a stop in, of all places, New York City. Cowboys running through the streets of the nation's largest city is not a sight you see every day.

And this is not your grandfather's rodeo. A pre-party was hosted by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, who showed up with boyfriend, singer John Legend.

Last year, Kate Upton hosted the same party and weeks later ended up on the cover of the swimsuit edition. Teigen is hoping for the same thing.

"Maybe this had something to do with it. We'll see," said Teigen.

The sport is easy to explain. You're supposed to stay on the 2,000 pound bronking bull for 8 seconds. Most don't make it that long. But if you last eight seconds, you'll hear a sound and then you'll be judged for style. A

At the end of the season, the winner will walk away with more than $1 million. That's if, they can walk away at all.