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This is what we are working on for today's show. Former parental guardians of Steubenville rape suspect speak out. INSIDE EDITION speaks to Miss Alabama after all the attention she received after the Alabama / Notre Dame football match. Teen Mom

Here is what we are working on for today’s show.

The former parental guardians of a Steubenville, Ohio, rape suspect are breaking their silence, defending the teenager who they say isn’t getting a fair trial in the court of public opinion.

Then, we’re talking to Miss Alabama about the unusual amount of attention she got at the big Alabama / Notre Dame game last night. Her boyfriend is Alabama’s quarterback and announcer Brett Musberger was fawning all over her.

And, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is under fire for trying to improve her 3-year-old daughter’s appearance by waxing the toddler’s eyebrows.

All this and more on today’s INSIDE EDITION.