INSIDE EDITION Celebrates 25th Anniversary

For 25 years, INSIDE EDITION has been bringing you the biggest stories in the nation, from the serious to the silly, and just about everything in between.

President Obama told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd on the campaign trail, "Inside Edition's a really popular show!"

Right you are, Mr. President. And America agrees. After all, we've been going strong now for 25 years!

David Frost and Bill O'Reilly led the way in early days, and for nearly the past 18 years, it's been Deborah Norville on the anchor desk.

How much does Norville love her job? After the gave birth to her daughter, Norville said in the hospital, "Nine hours ago, I became the mother of this little girl. As they say, the show must go on!"
Yes, it must, but it's not always smooth sailing.

Norville will never forget how Paula Jones broke down crying when she asked about her encounter with President Bill Clinton.

"With all due respect, why would Bill Clinton care about you?" asked Norville.

"I don't appreciate that. That was really rude!" replied Jones.

And O.J. Simpson didn't appreciate it when we tried to talk to him on a golf course, when he went after our producer's with a golf club.

Getting the story is not always pretty. Remember controversial talk show host Morton Downey Jr.? He flipped out when he found out we asked him about his role in a gold scam.

Lisa Guerrero actually got hit by a car in pursuit of an interview, and stayed on her feet.

Nobody got closer to the 9/11 tragedy than INSIDE EDITION. Our crews literally had to escape on foot as the Twin Towers collapsed on that terrible day.

We were the first to gain entrance to the New Orleans Superdome in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, where Paul Boyd reported, "I don't think anyone could imagine this."

As it happens, one of the worst tragedies in all our years on the air happened just last month. The horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.

Medical mysteries are some of our most popular stories. Like the people we talked to whose bodies are so stiff, they can barely move a muscle.

We interviewed one lady was afflicted with a condition called Dystonia, which caused her to involuntarily move night and day.

Our stories touch the heart as well. Our cameras were in the operating room for the delicate procedure that removed a disfiguring birthmark from a beautiful baby girl's forehead.

We were also there for the operation that separated a pair of conjoined twin toddlers.

One of our most dramatic stories ever was the woman who lost her face to a gunshot wound and was fitted with a "snap-on" face.

And one of our most heartbreaking stories was a dying man whose pregnant wife had labor induced early so he would have a fleeting chance to hold his newborn baby before he passed on.

Sometimes, a reporter has to do more than cover a story. Diane McInerney actually went through the rigorous training needed to become a Navy SEAL.

And Deborah Norville has done some pretty amazing things. She has cut a music video. She has been a short order cook, sold popcorn at a movie theater, been a toll-booth collector, and most memorably, she spent a week in jail to report from the inside on life behind bars.

INSIDE EDITION's award-winning investigative stories become have been making a difference for 25 years.

We exposed descpicable practices in the door-to-door insurance industry. In one unforgettable moment, the salesman convinced a poor mother to turn over her children's piggy bank so he can fish out their money dollar-by-dollar to pay her insurance premium.

We've  confronted preachers getting rich while invoking the name of God. Viewers were shocked to hear one TV preacher explain on hidden camera why he thought we were doing a report on him.

"Because you know I'm going to bring some ratings and sell some commercials and make some money for your Jews in New York," he said.

Danger can come from anywhere, even from a magician we exposed as a convicted pedophile who was still working childrens' birthday parties.

Scammers across the country run when INSIDE EDITION shows up. And bad guys go to jail, like bicycle thiefs we caught on camera in the act of stealing.

We've even had a gun pulled on us.

We love animal stories on INSIDE EDITION. The more off-beat, the better--like the woman who actually keeps a giant rat as a pet. Or the family whose pet horse lives with them in their house. There's the pony who rides in the back of a car. The amazing dog who gets around just fine on two legs. And one of our very favorites--the narcoleptic dog, who falls asleep in the blink of an eye.

We're there for the star-studded events, too, like red carpet premieres and awards shows with Hollywood's biggest stars.

But mostly, our stories are about everyday people, and they come straight from the heart.

From the leader of the free world, President Obama, to you, INSIDE EDITION keeps going.