Did Jenni Rivera Perform For Drug Cartel?

Reports are surfacing that Latin pop star Jenni Rivera performed for drug cartels before her tragic death in a plane crash last month. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did the late pop star Jenni Rivera have ties to a violent drug cartel? That's the shocking claim swirling today about the singer, who was killed in a plane crash last month.

The California-born Rivera performed at parties thrown by one of Mexico's most infamous druglords, according to published reports in Mexico.

It's also being alleged that the singer did cocaine at many of the parties.

Rivera had addressed similar rumors in the past.

Fernanda Garcia of El Especial told INSIDE EDITION, "Jenni Rivera a lot of times was questioned about doing concerts for these narco dealers and she always said, 'No,' she never did it."

Rivera was one of the most beloved stars in the Latin community in the U.S. Her death triggered an outpouring of emotion.

Many of her fans are skeptical about the claims.

Fernanda said, "Many of her fans are very protective of her image. So, I think fans are very loyal, no matter what they say."