Witness Says Jodi Arias Acted Normal After Boyfriend's Death

A man testified in court that Jodi Arias drove to his home after Travis Alexander's killing, and acted like nothing was wrong. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Singing defendant Jodi Arias drove 700 miles to be in the arms of another man just hours after killing her boyfriend.

Ryan Burns gave graphic testimony at Arias' trial, where she faces the death penalty.

"We kissed," said Burns.

"Did this kissing continue or did this stop at one kiss?" asked an attorney.

"Eventually we kissed, probably many times. Every time we started kissing it got a little more escalated," said Burns.

Burns said she acted as if nothing was wrong when she came over after the killing and they made out.

"She was fine. She was laughing about simple, little things just like any other person," said Burns.

She drove for 10 hours from Mesa, Arizona, where she killed boyfriend Travis Alexander, to Burns' home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She claims she shot, stabbed and slashed Alexander to death in self-defense.  

Burns spoke to Good Morning America after testifying and said he never felt in any danger from her.

Burns told Good Morning America, "After I found out she killed Travis, I never felt that threat from her. It was very strange. It's weird. It's eerie. It's creepy. But I never really felt threatened."

The video of Jodi Arias competing in a jailhouse version of American Idol has gone viral, with her angelic voice contrasting with horrors she's accused of committing.