Six-Year-Old Boy Dies From Flu

One day he was a vibrant, young boy. A few days later, he was dead from the flu epidemic that is sweeping the nation. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Six-year-old, Adam Lucero was full of life and energy, singing and dancing in the mirror.

Just days later, his mother Maria videotaped him asking, "Can you do something to me?"

"What do you want me to do?" asked Maria.

"Help me," said Adam.

Adam had the flu and was in excruciating pain. Every muscle seemed to ache.

"My sides, my back, my feet too," he said.

Incredibly, just a day after the video, was shot Adam was dead—a victim of the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the nation.

Maria tearfully said, "My home is usually chaotic with the kids, and it's loud and it's crazy. Now, it's just quiet and depressing."

Adam's mom, Maria, says he collapsed in her arms in a doctor's waiting room and never recovered. 

"I told her, 'Tell me my son's alive. Please tell me my son is alive,' and she just held my hand," said Maria.

When he first fell ill, he was taken to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. He was diagnosed with flu,  given a prescription for Tamiflu and sent home. That night, his mom shot videotape to record his symptoms for the next visit to the doctor.

Now, she's haunted by his plea for help.

"A lot of parents don't know that there's complications from the flu that can kill you. I didn't know that," said Maria.

A hospital spokesman said he couldn't discuss Adam's case but said, "Our hearts go out to every parent who has lost a child."

Maria said, "I'm used to my son running around and going upstairs and sneaking into my room and popping up, and fighting with his little sister."

Now, Adam's mom and his two older sisters have only video like this to keep their memories of Adam alive.