Attention Single Ladies: Mr. Perfect is Here

A dating website survery found what thousands of women want in a perfect man. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the man who fits the bill.

He's the guy taking America by storm. Women everywhere are going crazy over him.  Who is he? Just call him Mr. Perfect.

The dating website surveyed thousands of women and found out exactly what their idea of Mr. Perfect would be like. According to the survey Mr. Perfect would have:

Brown hair
Green eyes
A british accent
A graduate degree
He's a non-smoker
Enjoys only a drink or two socially
He's capapable of having a warm and loving relationship
And he makes between $150,000 and $200,000 a year.

The dating service Premiere Match tracked down a guy who meets all the criteria on the list. His name is Ian Clague and he's a hedge fund manager from Brooklyn. He's 50-years-old, a single dad of two and he's looking for a woman to share adventures with.

Clague told INSIDE EDITION, "I tend to go for brunettes. I always think they look a little bit mysterious."

He's hoping all this publicity will help him find "the one."

"I think my dating life should get better," said Clague.