Trump Questions the Cause of Bret Michaels's Brain Hemorrhage

Donald Trump is speaking out on what could have caused the brain hemorrhage that struck rock star Bret Michaels this week. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.  

Donald Trump wonders if Bret Michael's brain hemorrhage was caused by that hard smack in the head at last year's Tony awards.

"He took a tremendous hit to the head. You just wonder if that tremendous hit to the head could have had an impact," said Trump.

The rock star collided into giant piece of scenery being lowered as he was exiting the stage after a live performance.

"He really took a big hit you just wonder, that was a year ago, would that have an effect? But the brian is a delicate thing," said Trump.

Michaels suffered a broken nose and a split lip from the mishap. A week later he spoke out about it on the Today show, saying, "Here's the lucky thing, is that it hit me on my head which was a good thing. I have a thick cranium, so it was good."

Brain specialist Dr. Eric Braverman said, "It's possible for trauma or head injury to contribute to the development of an aneurysm, particularly in a diabetic or with someone who has high blood pressure."

Bret Michaels is being treated at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. Doctors are racing against the clock to find the source of bleeding in his brain. Recently, the Celebrity Apprentice contestant was hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy, but most experts say that is unrelated to his current medical crisis.

"I can't believe this could have happened to him because he was the most healthy guy on the show," said Trump.

Michaels has endured a lifelong struggle with diabetes, but Trump says he was the picture of good health during filming of the Celebrity Apprentice. And now Michaels is getting words of support from his TV boss.

"Bret, you're a hell of a man, you're a great guy, a great competitor. Get better fast," said Trump.