Accused Killer Jodi Arias' Ex Speaks Exclusivly To INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Ryan Burns, the ex-boyfriend of accused killer Jodi Arias, who gives more insight to a woman who is on trial for murder.

Ryan Burns talking for the first time about the hours he spent in the arms of Jodi Arias, the so-called “Killer with the Voice of an Angel.”

Jodi's boyfriend, Burns told INSIDE EDITION she gave no hint that just hours before making out with him, she stabbed another man to death.

Burns said, "It was very light conversation that you would never expect from someone who had just stabbed someone 29 times, shot them in the face, and slit their throat.”

Arias is on trial for her life, accused of murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Prosecutors say after killing Travis, Arias drove 700 miles from Mesa, Arizona, to Burns’ home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Burns says they might have ended up in bed but because both are Mormons he didn't want their make-out session to go too far.

He said, “As we were kissing I stopped it. I didn't want her going home thinking that she made a mistake and she felt guilty. Because I knew what her ideals were.”

But just hours earlier, prosecutors say she'd had sex with Travis Alexander; posed  provocatively for him and taken photos of him in the shower, moments before killing him.

Arias now claims Travis attacked her and she killed him in self defense. But she says nothing about that in just-released police interrogation tapes played to the jury.

A police officer asked Arias, “So you're going to continue to tell me you did not kill Travis?”

She replied, “I did not kill Travis.”

The officer said, “I believe you did. I truly believe you did.”

Burns was a key prosecution witness against Arias.

But he tells INSIDE EDITION that incredibly, Arias has been writing affectionate letters to him from behind bars.
He said, “She sent me two letters from prison. I didn't respond to either one of them. She appreciates how I’ve handled myself. She's sorry that I probably think she's a monster now.”

He says he cannot decide whether the beautiful woman he once held in his arms should be put to death if she's found guilty.

“I’m just glad I don't have to make those decisions,” he said.