Dancing with the Stars Competition Narrows

INSIDE EDITION has the latest from Dancing with the Stars as the competition narrows.

The show goes on, without Kate Gosselin, as Pam Anderson in a brunette wig and low cut little black dress smoked up the dance floor for what might be the sexiest tango ever.

Anderson was back to blonde when INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret spoke to her backstage.

"I like you as a blonde, or as a brunette," said Moret.

"Thank you. I'm multi-talented. I can be a brunette or a blonde," said Anderson.

But was Anderson's sultry tango, or Erin Andrews's barely-there dress during her sexy samba with her shirtless partner enough to boost ratings post Kate Gosselin?

And the answer is, yes. The first Gosselin-free show was number one for the night with 20.2 million viewers. It was down just slightly from last week's 20.8 million viewers when Gosselin was on the show.

So where is Kate today? INSIDE EDITION found her back home in Pennsylvania in the parking lot of the local Toys 'R Us as she was taking bags full of toys to the car. She said she was too upset to watch last night's show.

"I'm in like a post-DWTS depression. I'm serious," said Gosselin.

INSIDE EDITION asked what was it like watching the show at home.

"I couldn't watch it. I love them but I couldn't do it. It was too sad," said Gosselin.

Without Gosselin there's still drama on Dancing with the Stars. Olympic skating champion Evan Lysacek was injured during rehearsals. He did a back flip and fell smack on his head and got a concussion.

"It was pretty painful for me. I've had serious concussions. Normally I would have popped some painkillers and not felt the neck and headache, but I couldn't do that," said Lysacek.

But everyone is still talking about the sexy latin dances that made Monday's dancing one of the hottest episodes ever!