Drew Barrymore Details Strained Relationship With Her Mother

A very private Drew Barrymore speaks about the strained relationship with her mother and why she didn’t invite her to the wedding. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Drew Barrymore didn't invite her own mother to her wedding! 

Barrymore's interview with Oprah Winfrey aired Sunday nigft on Oprah's network. It was taped  at the actress's estate in Montecito, California. She and Winfrey live on the same block.

Winfrey asked, "Was everyone you love there?"

"Yes, it was a perfect curation of a 'this is your life' moment," said Barrymore.

As Drew Barrymore gushed about her wedding to Will Kopelman, there came this shocking revelation.

Winfrey asked, "Was your mother there?"

"She was not there, actually, which was really hard. Really, really hard" replied Barrymore.

"Did you make the choice not to invite her?" asked Winfrey.

"We both discussed it and we just thought it would be best," said Barrymore.

Winfrey said, "So, you didn't just not invite your mother?"

"No. We really spoke about it," said Barrymore.

Jaid Barrymore could not be reached for comment, but in a 1998 interview, she told INSIDE EDITION she tried her best to be a good mom to Drew.

Jaid said, "You do your best to deal with being dragged through the media as the most unfit mother in the world who has basically pushed her daughter down this path."
Drew's been at odds with her mom for years. As a teenager, she even went to court to declare her emancipation.

Jaid said, "She thought that I had maybe failed in many ways and made many mistakes, which I had. She felt that I was too much enmeshed in her life and her career, which is true."

Drew gave birth to her first child, Olive, five months ago. But even that blessed event wasn't enough to repair the relationship with Jaid.

Winfrey asked Barrymore, "Has she seen Olive yet?"

"No, she hasn't because we've only been in Los Angeles, so we haven't traveled with her yet," said Barrymore.

She told Winfrey she hopes to be a great mother.

"I always knew that I wanted to create a wonderful, healthy, safe family environment. I don't know how I have the drive that I have. Both my parents are the opposite," said Barrymore.