Obama Impersonator Shocks Crowds

INSIDE EDITION followed impersonator Reggie Brown as he transformed from a regular guy to President Obama and fooled a crowded train station.

It was total chaos as INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent walked with the president through Washington’s Union Station.

Trent said, "This is an incredible scene you're causing!"

The Commander in Chief shook hands, posed for pictures and even gave a speech. Only thing is—this guy's not the president, it’s an impersonator!

In a hotel room, Trent said to the impersonator, "I'm looking at you now Reggie, and I don't see much of a resemblance to the president. What do you do?"

Impressionist Reggie Brown does not look like the president before he puts on make up and a suit, but after some alternations, the resemblance is uncanny.

The process begins with brown-colored contact lenses. Then, there's makeup, including the mole at the side of the nose. A pair of fake ears, a little gray hair, and to top it off, Brown’s even got the presidential voice down pat.

Brown said, "I've had people faint, bring babies for me to kiss, the full gamut. It's amazing!"

Once it was showtime, a pair of hired security guards were added to the mix, and the crowd went wild.

This Obama is really no-bama, but what the heck, the people love him.

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