Light Fixture Crashes on High School Wrestler

A light fixture crashed on a high school wrestler and during the middle of a match and miraculously he survived. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A horrific moment as a huge light fixture crashes on top of a high school wrestler.

The accident happened at a wrestling tournament in South Dakota.

18-year-old senior Michael McComish was in the middle of his match. As he heads back to the center ring and gets ready to resume, suddenly, the light fell right onto Michael's spine from 30 feet above.

Even his opponent pitched in to help lift the light.

Michael limped to the side of the gymnasium floor, where he got medical attention.

Michael said, "I could see the blood coming off me, they had a whole handful of paper towels and it was still coming through the paper towels".

Michael needed stitches for a wicked cut on his forehead.

Amazingly, he recovered enough to joke about the drama when he appeared on the Today show, Tuesday.

He thought it was his opponent!

Michael said, "I thought wow this guy's aggressive. Then I realized it was the light."