Mystery Behind The Woman Guarding The First Family During Inauguration

Who was the female secret service agent following the first family's every step? INSIDE EDITION tries to uncover the mystery behind the woman protecting the president.

She was the mystery woman who was everywhere during the inauguration.

She was just steps behind the first family and was seen walking beside the president and the first lady during the inaugural parade. She even sat directly behind the Obamas in the presidential box.   

The pony-tailed blonde's identity is being kept top secret because she's an elite member of the Secret Service detail guarding the president.

Female secret service agents have been memorably portrayed in movies by Rene Russo in 1993's In the Line of Fire and by Eva Longoria, who was a prominent guest at the inauguration, in The Sentinel in 2006.

Former secret service agent Dan Bongino, who worked with the unnamed woman, spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the intense security all along the parade route.

"She is in fantastic shape. She can probably take out some of the guys she was walking with," he said.

Bongino said that protecting the president and first lady on Inauguration Day is an especially intense assignment.

"We are looking at everything, patios, windows, cars, underneath cars. It is viewed by the Secret Service as a bubble. We not only secure everything you see, but we secure everything you can't see," he said.

You can imagine what the Secret Service was thinking when the Today show's Al Roker was able to sidetrack Vice President Joe Biden right in the middle of the parade.

"We have to adjust. We are not just this group wearing dark glasses. We can laugh once in a while. It was funny," he said.

Roker was still crowing about it the day after.