Deep Freeze Stings Midwest, East Coast

An Arctic blast is covering much of the nation with brutally cold temperatures, but some are braving the weather for some unusual stunts. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Baby, it's cold outside! TV reporters are braving the freezing temperatures to show just how bitterly cold it is.

On Good Morning America, when a reporter in Central New York dunked a t-shirt in a bucket of water, it took less than 10 minutes to freeze over.

A weatherman in Fargo, North Dakota did the same stunt. 

“It makes a little sound like a drum. That's how cold it is,” he said.

It's so cold, the banana he left outside froze solid and was used to hammer a nail. When the weatherman threw hot water into the air, it evaporated so quickly that it fell like snow.

People all over YouTube are braving the blistering temperaturess to try out the same stunts.

The wintry weather is not going to end soon. Forecasters predict snow for the Midwest and sleet perhaps as far south as Atlanta.