Bill Clinton's Niece Surviving on Food Stamps

Macy Clinton is a member of a former First Family, but she is so poor she's surviving on food stamps. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The nation is buzzing about Chelsea Clinton's fairytale wedding this weekend that will reportedly cost up to three million dollars.

But, another Clinton is having hard times.  She's so poor she says she's actually on food stamps.

"It's hard because I'm a Clinton too but I have to be on food stamps and I have to sacrifice everything just to make it day by day," Macy Clinton told INSIDE EDITION.

Macy Clinton is the daughter of Bill Clinton's troubled brother Roger, but despite her famous DNA she can barely afford to eat.

The teenager from Cooksville, Tennessee, uses a government benefit card to get free food at her local grocery store because she says her father has abandoned her.

"I just want my father to be there for me," she admitted to INSIDE EDITION.

Roger Clinton's troubled past includes a 2001 drunk driving arrest and a 1995 cocaine conviction for which he was pardoned. He met Macy's mother, Martha, in 1990 and she was conceived after a brief romance.

Macy was six years old when DNA tests confirmed that Roger Clinton was her father. She would only meet her biological father twice, though she longed for a closer relationship.

"It was depressing, it was very depressing he wasn't there for prom he wasn't there through my middle school, my high school," Macy said.

Macy's mother says Roger also owes $30,000 in back child support.

"It makes me really mad. It makes me hurt. She's your child," says Spivey.

She saved a phone message from 2008 that she says is Roger apologizing for not sending money: "Hey Martha, it's Roger. I will send you some money. Let me see what I got."

Macy is a currently a full-time cosmetology student and works part time. She says despite being on food stamps, she vows to live up to her famous family name.

"I'm going to do it, it's just a lot harder for me," she told INSIDE EDITION.

Macy says her dad promised to set up a $20,000 trust fund for her that she would receive when she turned 18, but she says she didn't receive a dime.

Roger Clinton could not be reached for comment.