New Light Shed On Linda Lovelace at Sundance Film Festival

Over forty years after making Deep Throat, her name remains synonymous with porn. A new film about tells the story of Linda Lovelace that few have known. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Amanda Seyfried portrays the most iconic porn star of all time in the new movie Lovelace, which tells the tragic truth about Linda Lovelace, who rocketed to fame in the 1972 film Deep Throat.

Hollywood Reporter editor Rebecca Ford told INSIDE EDITION, "Some people found the film funny. It had humor to it, which was unexpected for a porn film at that time."

Even Jackie Kennedy Onassis was among the rich and famous who went to see what all the fuss was about.

The film entered American pop culture. Deep Throat became the code name for the source during the Watergate scandal.

Of course, Amanda Seyfried had to see the film while researching her role.

"It was cute. Compared to porn these days, it was cute," said Seyfried.

Deep Throat is said to have grossed $600 million, but brace yourself for a shock about Linda Lovelace.

Ford said, "She's claimed that she never got a dime, and her husband received about $1,200."

And another shocker—Linda claimed she made the movie against her will.

"I was the victim of the movie Deep Throat, not the star," said Linda.

Looking fragile and frightened, she spoke out against pornography at a 1986 press conference, denouncing her first husband, Charles Traynor, portrayed in the new movie by Peter Sarsgaard.

"Charles Traynor who by 1972 had made me a prisoner of his. And by constant beating and threats on my life, to perform in pornographic movies, often at gunpoint," said Linda.

Linda divorced Traynor, who died in 2002. She married again and had two children, and died of injuries suffered in a car crash when she was 53.

Now, a new film sheds light on the sad story behind the legend of Linda Lovelace and her personal crusade against pornography.