Pilot Lands In Hot Water After Latest Stunt

A YouTube video that went viral has put one stunt pilot under the microscope of the FAA. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's the stunt video everyone's talking about: a daredevil pilot buzzes past an ATV rider on a runway in Texas, barely missing the person taping the stunt.

The video was posted on YouTube this week and instantly went viral. Now the pilot is being investigated by the FAA for unsafe flying.

So, who was the pilot? INSIDE EDITION has learned that his name is Jason Newburg.  He's 43-years-old and performs in airshows across the country.

Videos of his other spectacular stunts can be seen all over YouTube.

Flying sideways and low to the ground seems to be his signature maneuver and he often performs with motorcycle stunt riders.

But none of his videos are as risky as this latest one, which has gotten him into hot water. The tip of the wing dips within two feet of the runway, putting him and everyone on the ground in extreme danger.
Newburg has a government-issued waiver that allows him to perform stunts at airshows, but it expired last November.

This is not the first time he has gotten into trouble. A helicopter registered to Newburg's company crashed in 2008.

The accident report does not name the pilot, but it says he was not licensed to fly helicopters and caused the crash by taking off into the wind.

Newburg did not return our calls for comment . A friend of his has gone on Facebook saying the entire stunt was carefully orchestrated and not nearly as close a call as the camera angle would indicate.