Linda Pugach, "Crazy Love" Wife Blinded By Husband Dies At 75

Linda Pugach, dead at 75, was the subject of a documentary about marrying the man responsible for blinding and disfiguring her. INSIDE EDITION speaks to her mourning husband.

Burton Pugach is devastated over the loss of his wife, and the end of a love story so twisted, it's almost impossible to believe..

The woman he's mourning today is the very woman he's responsible for having blinded in a vicious attack that shocked the nation.

Pugach spoke with INSIDE EDITION today about his beloved wife Linda, who died of heart failure at age 75.

"I loved her so much. We both loved each other," said Burton. "I don't know how I'm going to survive without her."

Linda was once a stunning brunette with a shapely figure and perfect vision.

But when she became engaged to another man, Burton—then a well-regarded attorney—hired thugs to throw acidic lye into Linda's face, leaving her permanently disfigured and blind.  

Watch our interviews with Burton and Linda here!

We've seen acid attacks in recent times.

Aspiring model Katie Piper was mutilated when an ex-boyfriend had an accomplice throw acid in her face. The attack was caught on tape on a London street.

And Becky Slabaugh of Akron, Ohio survived an acid attack from her estranged husband.

"He tried to destroy my life, but he didn't succeed," said Slabaugh.

Burton Pugach was convicted and served 14 years in prison for the crime that blinded Linda. But it's what happened after his release that's completely mind-boggling—Linda married him in 1974!

The story of their relationship was made into a documentary, aptly entitled Crazy Love. In the film, Linda described the acid attack, saying, "I was burning. My face was burning. I couldn't just don't put it together. You can't believe this is happening."

The film includes a TV appearance by the couple on the Mike Douglas Show in 1977. Arm-in-arm, Linda explained how Burt won her heart after the terrifying attack.

"He had been calling from prison and sending me letters, and Valentines Day cards, and Christmas cards, and birthday cards. And I was very outraged. But to myself, I loved it," said Linda.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the couple at the Crazy Love premiere in 2007. The couple told us, "We're still together."

Linda wore jeweled sunglasses covering her still-bandaged eyes, and she had praise for her husband.

"He's exciting. He's wonderful. He's smart, smart, smart," said Linda.

Now, Burton Pugah is left only with memories of Linda and the "Crazy Love" they had for each other.

Burton said, "I couldn't picture life without her, and I can't now."